I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t already own one myself.  For years I’ve hauled drinking water to my off-grid home because I didn’t have enough solar panels to power a UV Water System. I longed for a way to just turn on the tap and drink the water from it. Thankfully, that wait is over

The Clarify Quantum Disinfection System can turn rainwater into drinking water, using no power at all. It utilizes quantum mechanic principles of electron movement to create charged, active surfaces that neutralize dangerous pathogens. In the process, creating drinkable water from rainfall.

It was a game-changer for me. I am no longer heading to the spigots multiple times per week. I have clean drinking water, provided to me from the heavens above and I have the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System to thank for it.

I Am A Certified Owner Of This Product

Let’s get this out of the way first.  I am writing this review of the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System because I actually own it.  I am not reviewing this system as another anonymous blogger who has never actually used the product they are talking about. 

I give you real life knowledge on the use of this product.

Check it out, here I am with my system, which I have had for about 2 years now.

My Review On The Clarify Quantum Disinfection System

I’ve had experience with other ways to purify rainwater for drinking, but none has ever been as efficient at the job as the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System.

Utilizing a unique design based on Quantum physics, the system neutralizes the ions of harmful pathogens and bacteria, killing them in the process. 

This is done all without the need for any chemicals or electricity and takes very little maintenance!!  A huge plus for someone who is off-grid.

What’s a little scary with the typical UV Water Disinfection Systems is that they do need power.  If your power goes out, there goes your clean water too!  But the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System doesn’t need power.

I was a little hesitant at first when it came to trusting the water.  I have been burned before and gotten sick from a so-called nonelectric filter that was touted to turn rainwater into drinking water.  

While it has been rigorously tested and approved by the EPA and other testing agencies, I still got the water from the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System tested and everything came back clear, so I decided to give it a try.

To this day, I have been drinking this water from my rain tank to my tap with no problems at all.  To top it off, it didn’t affect my water pressure one bit either.

I am happy to say that I trust the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System and love the advantages that it offers over other water purifiers such as UV Water Purification Systems.

Quantum Disinfection vs. UV Disinfection

Instantly Kills 99.99% of bacteria
Adds nothing to the waterAdds nothing to the water
No power needed
No chemicals addedNo chemicals added
Disinfects 24/7/365
Low Maintenance

Ease of Installation

Another aspect that I loved about the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System is that it is really easy to install.  If you have even the most basic plumbing skills you can accomplish the installation of this product on your own.

The Clarify Quantum Disinfection System simply gets installed after the prefilters which are typically located on standard water pipe such as PVC or Copper.  I like to use 3 prefilters with a 30 micron filter, 15 micron filter and a 5 micron filter. 

The Clarify Quantum Disinfection System does not filter the water of larger particulates, it simply disinfects the water from pathogens.

After the prefilters, you can simply cut into the water line (copper pipe may require a professional) and attach your Clarify Quantum Disinfection System inline, similar to the prefilters.  

That’s it!  

And now we have drinking water!  

No need to install additional power outlets or sensitive equipment!

But you will have to make sure that the water is as clean as it can be before it reaches the Clarify System. To learn how, check out this in depth post about Turning Rainwater Into Drinking Water: 3 Ways To Do It.

What I Don’t Like About The Clarify Quantum Disinfection System

There is not much I don’t like about the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System except the cost of replacement filters.

Every 2 years or 200k gallons, you are supposed to replace the filter, which is actually a pretty easy process, physically.  But the cost?

As of current writing, a replacement filter costs $299 (2020).  The cost of the whole system is $350 right now (2020).  So you can see where the main cost of the system is.

Every 2 years I have to shell out almost $300 dollars, which is about $13 a month. 

The UV System is a little cheaper, a yearly bulb replacement is $100.  Every now and then the ballast has to be replaced which is another $150, but the power costs can be substantial.  One of my friends who has a UV System with grid power saw his bill go up $80 a month!

Even with that cost of filter replacement, that hidden number found in the electrical cost of a UV System still gives the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System the edge.

How To Buy A Clarify Quantum Water Disinfection System

There are not too many dealers for this system out there yet.  The main one is Claire Technologies where you can purchase the Clarify Quantum Disinfection System online and have it sent direct to your door.

Please tell them you heard about their product through this review.  I am trying to encourage them to set up a deal for my readers.

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