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Homestead Design & Consultation

Our many years of experience will save you money from Day One.


What we do

We utilize a Permaculture lens to help craft personalized consultations and designs to bring your Homesteadinʻ dreams to fruition.



Site Consultations

Virtual & In Person Consultations will save you thousands over the life of your project.

Plant Selection

Our plant knowledge runs deep.  If you are looking to set up new plantings for your homestead, we can supply you with a list of plants that will do well in your specific location.

Permaculture Site Design

Our team will provide you an

in depth site design utilizing the principles of Permaculture to create a unique homestead that fits within your budget and the needs of your property.

Homestead Management

Want a Homestead but donʻt have enough time to manage it?  Our team is able to care for your property full time or while you are away off Island.  Go to someone you can trust with your most prized asset.


Site Consults

We offer Virtual and On-Site Consultations to fit within your needs and budget.   We will help you turn your vision into a reality, delivering you local resources and knowledge to help you navigate the hurdles of beginning a Homestead in Hawaiʻi.

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