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Tired of not knowing WHAT to do in the garden?  You need the

The Month By Month In the Hawaiian Garden eBook

Know when to seed what, when the harvest will be ready, and what to do in the Hawaiian Garden.  Grow that garden of your dreams simply by knowing what to do when.

Inside the ebook, you’ll also find:

  • Fruit Harvest Chart For Hawaii
  • Guide To Pests In The Tropical Garden
  • Plants For A Tropical Food Forest
  • Perennial Greens You Can Harvest All Year
  • What Grows Where In Hawaii
  • And more…

This eBook takes a lot of the guesswork out of how to grow a successful garden in the tropics. 

Just by knowing when to plant something can make all the difference in whether or not you have a green thumb or not.

But the eBook also includes a breakdown on the different microclimates of the islands and what will grow best in those areas.

All the tools you need to be a successful gardener in the tropics.

What Others Have to Say About the eBook

The Month by Month in the Hawaiian Garden eBook is a wonderful resource for any gardener.  I like to refer to the eBook each month and plan my month based on Sean’s suggestions.  

Most inspiring is the list of items to “harvest” in the particular month, as it motivates me to keep working at it to someday have a great harvest of all the fruits and vegetables he has listed.  

Unlike most ebooks that get forgotten about, this one is a reference I reading looking at each month.
~ Gardener on Lanai

I found Sean’s book extremely helpful for starting a small family garden. This is not the mainland, what works in Pennsylvania does not work here. Tropical weather with its microclimates on the Big Island can drive you crazy.
Sean’s Homesteadin’ Hawaii book helps you to understand what and where to plant. I really like how Sean shows it’s okay to make due with what you have to work with for your garden. I found it a good read.
Mike Brown