Many people are looking to Yurts as affordable alternatives to building conventional homes for their off grid properties.  They are beautiful, easy to construct and the price is right.  But will they last over the long haul?

On average, a basic yurt will last anywhere from 8 to 15 years.  The wooden frame of the yurt can last much longer than 15 years, but the weak spot is the canvas covering.  It’s longevity depends on the amount of solar exposure, humidity and maintenance by the owner.

Would you like to be one of the yurt owners that is able to maximize the lifespan of their yurt?   I went to social media to survey those out there with yurts of their own to get their tips on how to make a yurt last longer.  I got some great answers that I am about to share with you right now.

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6 Tips To Make Yurts Last Longer

Yurts are designed to be temporary structures, but many people are choosing to live in them long term.  Why not?  They are beautiful structures and easy on the pocketbook.  But if we’re going to live in them over the long haul, we better learn how to make them last a long time.

Check out some of these tips that I got from others that have spent years in yurts and have learned how to keep their yurts looking new year after year.

  1. Build a Solid Foundation – Yurts can be built on the ground, but they will last much longer if they are built on either a raised wooden platform or a concrete slab.  A raised platform is preferable as people have found their yurts to experience mold and rot from concrete foundations that can sometimes pool rainwater.
  1. Avoid the Sun – Keeping your Yurts in a location that is away from the Sun can be ideal to increase its lifeline. Overexposure to sunlight can hamper its outer layer, however, regular maintenance can curb that. Wash the yurt regularly to remove any dust or debris. You can even use a UV Protectant to avoid excessive exposure to the sunlight.
  2. Check For Leaks – Care should be taken to check for leaks along the roof seams after every season change to ensure that holes are not forming over the surface. Sometimes you can find an area where debris has built up and the yurt fabric is starting to decay.  Catching these spots early will make a big difference in lifespan of the yurt covering.
  3. Maintain The Wooden Core – The core framework of a Yurt is wood. The material in itself can outlast time but what can kill wood is excessive moisture. Therefore, one needs to reseal it or treat it from time to time to keep them up as good as new.
  4. Replace Worn Out Parts – Yurts is made up of modular parts, and the best thing about modular systems is that they can be easily replaced without hampering the entire framework. Worn out parts from Yurts can be easily removed and replaced which allows them to have an extended lifetime.
  5. Ditch The Fabric – To really extend the life of a yurt, some yurt owners have ditched the traditional fabric covering completely.  Instead they covered the walls in wood, some have even installed stucco or a clay plaster.  By eliminating the weak spot of the yurt, the fabric, you can make it last a long time.

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Do Yurts Hold Their Value?

While yurts are an affordable alternative to traditional homes, they still cost money to construct.  How well do they hold value over time?  This largely depends on how well you care for them. 

A well maintained yurt typically resells for as much as 20% below original purchase price.  In some areas where yurt living is in high demand, you may be able to sell your yurt for slightly more than purchase price to those who do not want to wait for shipping.

If you are selling a piece of land with a yurt included, you can find yourself able to charge a very respectful price.  I have friends that bought a property in Hawaii with 2 yurts on it for $125k.  The land price was equal to about $50k so you can see the added value that yurts were able to offer.

Here Are The 6 Reasons Why Yurts Are A Valuable Investment 

  1. Vacation Rentals – If you wish to make a passive income from Yurts then you can easily rent these out on Airbnb or other portals. The uniqueness, affordability and chic design of these Yurts are going to be an instant sell-out for people seeking a naturalistic simple life. 
  1. Durability – Yurts are a long-lasting architectural built type while being portable. Rather than investing in a car and depreciating your assets, you can go for a yurt instead. It assures you a raise in value from time to time due to their ease of maintenance and growing demand. 
  1. Quick Returns – Your Return on Investments (ROI) would be quicker in comparison to other traditional buildings as here the construction technique is faster and the material requirement is less. More so, you can add your high-end luxury yurt at a higher price on rentals, which will give you a USP of its grandeur while maintaining simplicity. 
  1. Multi -Using a Yurt – Yurts are not only restricted to be used as housing, you can even create a pop-up restaurant or kick start a small business. These diverse uses can also ensure a steady income. You can even use yurts to rent out for other small businesses and pop-up restaurants, this way a yurt can help in raising its value over the years. 
  1. Efficient Resale – With so many homeowners going off-grid, tiny homes and yurts have started being the new trend. This attempt to find a minimalist oasis away from the city and amidst nature has created a vast market for resale of a yurt at a valuable price. Moreover, the market allows you to even make a better profit. 
  1. Family Get-Away – Having a property that is set in a picturesque location in the form of a Yurt is also a great solution for family get-togethers. You can have multiple yurts in a closer radius to create privacy for each family member. It can create a comfortable and joyful stay experience with nature as a backdrop for some memorable family time. 

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