The Hawaii Homesteading Journey Begins

Traditional Hawaiian Home

I have finally done it. That blog I’ve been telling myself to start is finally here. Like most people out there, I’ve been toying around with the idea to start a blog for years. Well here it is. Finally. Post number one.

I don’t think I would’ve ever gotten to this point if I hadn’t found Matt at on Facebook. Sometimes to move forward you just need a little push. I had my site hosted through Bluehost for over a year. I even created the bones of my website utilizing a super easy theme from
Elegant Themes, but I needed something more.

A 30 day blogging challenge was just the sort of kick in the pants I needed.

I now had some accountability to make some forward progress. So sit back and enjoy the ride, cause you’re going to be there to see Homesteadin’ Hawai’i take its first baby steps. Hopefully pretty soon we’ll take of running.

If you’re thinking of starting up a blog as well, I highly suggest checking out Matt’s program at, he has all the tools you need to set your blog up right.

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Sean Jennings

Sean has been living simply Off-Grid in Hawai'i for over 18 years. He lives debt free on Hawai'i Island with his family and over 40 chickens. When he's not tinkering around the homestead, he's off exploring the shorelines for fish & surf.

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